-- CIRCLE --

Saviour Machine Saviour Machine II DLP 2016 Circle 001, limited to only 019/111 copies
Oxiplegatz Worlds and Worlds LP 2016 Circle 002, limited to only 107/111 copies
Ashbury Something funny going on LP 2016 Circle 003, limited to only 072/111 copies
Einherjer Dragons of the North LP 2016 Circle 004, limited to only 072/111 copies
Ablaze my Sorrow The Plague LP 2016 Circle 005, limited to only 072/111 copies
Sodom Ten black Years - Best of 3 LP 2017 Circle 006, limited to only 072/111 copies
Sodom Ten black Years - Best of 3 LP 2017 Circle 006, PROMO, only a few copies
-- NOTVD --      
Exodus War is my Sheppard 12" EP Night 001, 2006 NOTVD, limited to 278/500 copies on black vinyl
Dismember Hate Campaign LP Night 006, 2006 NOTVD, limited to 238/500 copies on clear-yellow splatter vinyl
Kataklysm In the Arms of Devastation LP Night 007, 2006 NOTVD, limited to 157/500 copies on black vinyl
Exodus Another Lesson in Violence DLP Night 008, 2007 NOTVD, limited to 293/500 copies on black vinyl
In Flames Black-Ash Inheritance SH 12" EP Night 009, 2007 NOTVD, Uncut Shape, only a few copies !!!
Sentenced Frozen LP Night 011, 2007 NOTVD, ice clear vinyl, limited to 317/500 copies
Sodom Code Red LP Night 013, 2007 NOTVD, limited to 133/500 copies on red vinyl
Kreator Endorama LP Night 014, 2007 NOTVD, limited to 070/333 copies on brown-green marbled vinyl
Samael Solar Soul LP Night 015, 2007 NOTVD, white-brown vinyl, limited to 326/666 copies
Sodom M16 LP Night 016, 2007 NOTVD, limited to 448/500 copies on camouflage vinyl
King Diamond Classx Vinyl Edition MLP Night 018, 2007 NOTVD, limited to 084/500 copies on white vinyl
Immolation Shadows in the Light LP Night 019, 2007 NOTVD, limited to 335/444 copies on fire splatter vinyl
Therion Sirius B, Lemuria DLP Night 020, 2007 NOTVD, limited to 120/555 copies on orange and blue splatter vinyl
Immolation Here in After LP Night 029, 2008 NOTVD, black vinyl, limited to 153/500 copies
Sodom One Night in Bangkok DLP Night 030, 2008 NOTVD, limited to 294/500 copies on  red-white marbled vinyl
Mercyful Fate Time LP

Night 031, 2008 NOTVD, white-black-splatter vinyl, limited to 305/500 handnumbered copies

Jag Panzer Chain of Command LP Night 034, 2008 NOTVD, yellow-brown-marbled vinyl, limited to 196/350 copies
Mercyful Fate The Bell Witch LP Night 036, 2008 NOTVD, limited to 117/500 copies on etched vinyl
Benediction Organised Chaos LP Night 038, 2008, limited to 241/250 copies on purple vinyl
Motörhead Whorehouse Blues 7" Single Night 040-s, 2008 NOTVD, limited to 045/500 on clear vinyl
Benediction Grind Bastard DLP

Night 043, 2008 NOTVD, coloured vinyl, limited to 232/250 numbered copies

Avulsed Gorespattered Suicide LP Night 044, 2008 NOTVD, limited to 231/350 copies on red vinyl
Motörhead 25 Alive Boneshaker DLP Night 050, 2009 NOTVD, limited to 702/777 copies on blue and red vinyl
Over Kill From the Underground and Below LP Night 051, 2009 NOTVD, limited to 035/350 copies on black vinyl
Over Kill Killbox 13 LP Night 053, 2009 NOTVD, limited to 241/500 copies on black vinyl
Saxon Metalhead LP Night 056, 2009 NOTVD, limited to 096/333 copies on black vinyl

My Dying Bride

The dreadful Hours

DLP Night 057, 2009 NOTVD, limited to 048/500 in black vinyl
Malevolent Creation Warkult LP Night 059, 2009 NOTVD, limited to 383/450 in black vinyl
Obituary Left to Die MLP Night 064, 2009 NOTVD, limited to 127/500 on white vinyl

My Dying Bride

The Light at the End of the World

DLP Night 066, 2009 NOTVD, limited to 022/500 in white-yellow splatter vinyl
Bulldozer Unexpected Fate LP Night 069, 2009 NOTVD, limited to 031X500 copies on black vinyl
Protector The Heritage LP Night 075, 2009 NOTVD, limited to 293/350 copies on yellow vinyl
Suffocation The close of a Chapter - Live in Quebec City DLP Night 082, 2010 NOTVD, limited to 087/600 copies on white-blue splatter vinyl
Over Kill Wrecking Everything - Live DLP Night 084, 2010 NOTVD, limited to 073/500 copies on black vinyl
Saxon Killing Ground LP Night 089, 2010 NOTVD, Promo Pack, only a few copies !!!
Asphyx Asphyx LP Night 095, 2011 NOTVD, limited to 366/500 copies on black vinyl
Night 100 Night 100 LP Night 100, 2012 NOTVD, limited edition with the name of the owner
Whiplash Sit stand kneel prey LP Night 111, 2011 NOTVD, limited to 024/350 copies in white vinyl
Saxon Live to Rock 12" EP + 7" Single Night 115, 2011 NOTVD, 12" limited to 171/250 on clear vinyl, 7" limited to 165/250 on black vinyl
Clawfinger Hate yourself with Style DLP Night 122, 2011 NOTVD, limited to 047/250 on black vinyl
Alice Cooper Live at Mantreux 2005 DLP Night 123, 2011 NOTVD, limited to 130/500 in special glitter vinyl
U.D.O. Mission No LP Night 124, 2012 NOTVD, Promo with clear rim, only a few copies !!!
U.D.O. Mission No LP Night 124, 2012 NOTVD, limited to 074/400 copies on black vinyl
Deep Purple Live at Montreux 2011 with Orchestra 3-LP Night 128, 2012 NOTVD, Test Pressing, only 20 copies !!!
Deep Purple Live at Montreux 2011 with Orchestra 3-LP Night 128, 2012 NOTVD, limited to 284/500 copies
Centinex Reflections Picture Disc Night 129, 2012 NOTVD, limited to 120/250 copies
Cancer Spirit in Flames LP Night 133, 2012 NOTVD, limited to 062/250 copies on yellow-red-splatter vinyl
M:Pire of Evil Hell to the Holn LP Night 135, 2012 NOTVD, limited to 100/333 copies, red fire splatter vinyl
U.D.O. Thunderball LP Night 144, 2012 NOTVD, limited to 343/400 copies in black-orange splatter vinyl
Def-Con-One Warface LP Night 146, 2012 NOTVD, limited to 049/250 copies on grey-black-white-splatter vinyl
Centinex Reborn through Flames LP Night 147, 2012 NOTVD, limited to 208/333 copies on black vinyl
Hotel Diablo The Return to psycho California LP Night 148, 2012 NOTVD, limited to 131/300 copies on black vinyl
Centinex World declension LP Night 149, 2012 NOTVD, limited to 068/250 copies on black vinyl
Dying Fetus History Repeats .. LP Night 153, 2013 NOTVD, limited to 024/400 copies on grey-white-black splatter vinyl
U.D.O. No Limits DLP Night 155, 2013 NOTVD, limited to 191/400 copies on black vinyl
M:Pire of Evil Demone 7" Single Night 157, 2013 NOTVD, limited to 311/333 copies on black-metal vinyl
The Organization s/t DLP Night 158, 2013 NOTVD, limited to 207/350 copies on yellow vinyl
Heathen Recovered LP Night 159, 2013 NOTVD, limited to 231/400 copies on black vinyl
Ministry Ministry and Co-Conspirators - Cover Up LP Night 164, 2013 NOTVD, limited to 231/400 copies on yellow vinyl
M:Pire Of Evil Crucified LP Night 165, 2013 NOTVD, limited to 159/333 copies on black vinyl
Atrocity Atlantis DLP Night 173, 2013 NOTVD, limited to 188/350 copies on black vinyl
Death Mechanism Twenty-First Century LP Night 178, 2013 NOTVD, limited to 093/350 copies on grey vinyl (gear shape)
Mercy Underground LP Night 179, 2014 NOTVD, limited to 079/250 copies on black vinyl
Bulldozer The Neurospirit Lives LP Night 180, 2014 NOTVD, black vinyl + CD, limited to 029/400 copies
DGM Momentum DLP Night 187, 2014 NOTVD, limited to 271/350 copies on black vinyl
Little Caesar American Dream LP Night 190, 2014 NOTVD, limited to 125/250 copies on blue vinyl
Ultra Violence Wildcrash LP Night 191, 2014 NOTVD, limited to 218/250 copies
Michael Schenker Group In the Midst of Beauty LP Night 196, 2014 NOTVD, limited to 198/333 copies on black-white vinyl
HicksKinison Devour their Hearts LP Night 198, 2014 NOTVD,black vinyl, limited to 189/250 copies
Meliah Rage Barely Human LP Night 201, 2015 NOTVD, black vinyl, limited to 049/250 copies
Tygers of Pan Tang The crazy Nights Sessions EP Night 209, 2015 NOTVD, limited to 298/350 copies
Morbid Angel I am morbid Shape EP Night 213, 2016 NOTVD, limited to XXX/500 copies
Morbid Angel I am morbid Uncut-Shape EP Night 213, 2016 NOTVD, UNCUT SHAPE, only a few  copies
Grip Inc. Hostage to Heaven EP Night 216, 2015 NOTVD, black vinyl, 1 side etched, limited to 292/333 copies
Deep Purple with Orchestra, live in Verona 3-LP Night 218, 2014 NOTVD, green, red, white vinyl, limited to 034/500 copies
Lacrimosa Hoffnung DLP Night 226, 2016 NOTVD, black vinyl, limited to 137/333 copies
Extrema Headbanging Since 1985 LP Night 228, 2016 NOTVD, limited to 098/250 copies on black vinyl
Kreator Terror Prevails Pt. 1 LP Night 232, 2016 NOTVD, limited to XXX/500 copies on red vinyl
Therion Les Epaves 10" MLP Night 234-SH, 2016 NOTVD, limited to XXX/222 copies on creamy square vinyl
Amorphis Forging the Land of Thousand DLP Night 235, 2017 NOTVD, limited to XXX/500 copies on orange/yellow splatter vinyl
Grip Inc. Solidify LP Night 236, 2017 NOTVD, limited to 500 copies on green splatter vinyl
Kreator Terror Prevails Pt. 2 LP Night 237, 2016 NOTVD, limited to XXX/500 copies on red vinyl
Virgin Steele The House of Atreus Act 1 & Act 2 4LP Set Night 239, 2016 NOTVD, limited edition to 095/500 numbered copies !!!
Venom Live Hammersmith 85 DLP Night 240, 2017 NOTVD, limited to XXX/500 copies in grey and etched vinyl
Quiet Riot Terrified LP Night 241, 2017 NOTVD, blue-red-splatter vinyl, limited to XXX/350 copies
Celtic Frost Temple of Depression SH-7" Night 242-SH, 2017 NOTVD, limited to XXX/500 copies
Ultra Violence Deflect the Flow LP Night 244, 2017 NOTVD, yellow vinyl, limited to 226/250 copies
Lacrimosa Revolution LP Night 245, 2017 NOTVD, black vinyl, limited to XXX/333 copies
zakk wylde book of shadows DLP Night 246, 2017 NOTVD, Crystal clear-gold splatter Vinyl, limited to 259/400 copies
Meliah Rage Dead to the World LP Night 247, 2017 NOTVD, white vinyl, limited to 072/250 copies
Tad Morose Undead LP Night 248, 2017 NOTVD, silver-green vinyl, limited to 072/250 copies
Arch Enemy Dead Eyes see no Future EP 10" Night 249-T, 2017 NOTVD, white vinyl, limited to 072/333 copies
Quiet Riot down to the bone DLP Night 250, 2017 NOTVD, blue-black-splatter vinyl, limited to 140/350 numbered copies
Royal Hunt Land of broken Hearts LP Night 251, 2017 NOTVD, limited to 150/350 copies on light blue vinyl
Anvil Absolutely no Alternative LP Night 252, 2017 NOTVD, limited to 213/333 copies on clear red splatter vinyl
Sadus Live in Chile LP Night 253, 2017 NOTVD, black vinyl, limited to 072/500 copies
Warrior Soul Chill Pill LP Night 254, 2017 NOTVD, yellow-orange splatter vinyl, limited to 323/333 copies
Crowbar Equilibrium LP Night 255, 2017 NOTVD, black splatter vinyl, limited to 072/333 copies
Mantas 10th Anniversary Edition LP Night 256, 2017 NOTVD, silver vinyl, limited to 051/250 copies
NIM Live to Air DLP Night 259, 2017 NOTVD, clear-red splatter vinyl, limited to 229/333 copies
Quiet Riot Rehab DLP Night 261, 2018 NOTVD, white-green splatter vinyl, limited to 248/350 copies
Lord Bane Age of Elegance LP Night 262, 2018 NOTVD, silver-red splatter vinyl, limited to 255/333 copies
Dee Snider Never let the Bastards wear you down LP Night 263, 2018 NOTVD, orange-blue-grey splatter vinyl, limited to 129/400 copies